To bring encouragement, honor and a morale lift to leadership in the body of Christ 

Who Are We

A Creative Encouragement Network, providing tangible resources to help lift the spirit of ministry leaders and their families through...

• Respite & Renewal Opportunities

• Development of Peer Friendship & Leader Collaboration

• Missional Vision Assistance

• Crisis Assistance and Referral

What do we stand for?

We recognize the high worth of leadership to the Body of Christ. Pastors and ministry leaders are undoubtedly the Most Valuable Players within the church. The over all health of the leadership family creates a natural trickle-down effect. As the leader thrives or fails, so go the church, community, nation and ultimately the world.

What are our core values?

• Honor Before Favor

• Relationship before Partnership

• Generosity before Expectation


Encouragement Always


What do we want to achieve?

The development of a ministry leader network of encouragement to pastors and ministry leaders, who because of life stress and or the challenge of ministry, need renewal or respite through activities, fellowship and prayer.

Some of the tangible ways we have already ministered include the following...

Crisis Prayer for oppression, depression, etc.

Crisis Phone Calls to leaders in need

Personal Visits & prayer

Meals for pastoral families

Respite Opportunities for Pastors under stress, including hotel, meals, recreation, etc.

Pastor's children - financial gifts, toys, meals, missional sponsorship, spiritual support

Missions consultation & trip planning